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Free Shipping on All orders PHP1,000 and Above
Fvanor™ High end Men's Polarized Sunglass SET
Fvanor™ High end Men's Polarized Sunglass SET

Fvanor™ High end Men's Polarized Sunglass SET

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  • Smart sensing technology, protect your eyes from the effects of ultraviolet light. Lenses can sense the intensity of ultraviolet light.
  • UV 400 Protection, block 100% harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • lightweight, durable, very suitable for driving, running, playing golf and other outdoor sports
  • Waterproof and oil proof, can effectively resist scratches, with anti-sweat nose support, adjustable, fit the face, not easy to slip
  • High quality, low density, metal PC, good heat dissipation, high pressure resistance, comfortable wearing, no pressure on the bridge of the nose.

    The color of lens is transparent to the climate, the lens is uniform, and the field of vision is clear, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    Using vacuum plating technology, the texture is smooth, the level is clear, the quality is better, and the environment is environmentally friendly.
    It can be used at night, cloudy, foggy, rainy days to provide drivers with safety.

    Night vision goggles can effectively reduce the glare of other headlights, making your line of sight clearer and safer.


  • Glasses structure: frame
  • Style: men's style
  • Strength: Strong
  • Whether polarized: yes
  • Specifications: General Lens
  • material: polarized lens
  • Quality: high Frame
  • material: metal
  • Material: white copper
  • OEM: Yes
  • Style: metal
  • Style: Men's Visible
  • light transmittance: 99
  1. Personalized Polarized UV400 Aviator Sunglasses Sun Glasses for Men
  2. These fashionable sunglasses are the perfect tool to protect your eyes from the sun and stay looking great.
  3. Lightweight For Superior Comfort
    UV400 Protection Against Harmful UV Rays
    Gender: men
    Lens Material: resin
    Frame Material: stainless steel
    Bendable and adjustable
    Color: Black Gray

 1 SET Package Contains:

  • 1 authentic Polarized Sunglass
  • 1 hard case
  • 1 clean cloth/wiper
  • 1 pouch
  • 1 polarized test card


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