SCRATCH DINI-Scratch Remover
SCRATCH DINI-Scratch Remover
SCRATCH DINI-Scratch Remover

SCRATCH DINI-Scratch Remover

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Product Description:

Introducing Scratch-dini Remover, made for those unsightly scratches on your car, motorcycles, jet ski, boat and appliances. Designed to help remove surface scratches and swirl marks. This tool works on painted metal surfaces.
Scratch-dini is a formula which is said to quickly buff out scratches from the surfaces of any variety of vehicles. It comes in 4-ounce tubes and is claimed to work on any color finish.

Scratch-dini makes scratches disappear in seconds! Easy to use - just apply to the scratch, lightly rub it in and buff away the scratch! It’s that simple. The secret is the BF Goodrich Carbopol resin and millions of micro-particles that gently and effectively remove surface scratches with one easy step. Works on any color. Great for cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats, ATV and so much more. So forget about paying a collision shop to sand, paint and buff out scratches with Scratch-dini you can protect your paint job while removing ugly scratches!

How does Scratch-dini CLAIMS to Work?

Scratch-dini is the wonder solution that is able to restore just about anything with a high quality finish. It’s the perfect professional-strength product that drives away scratches and makes your car look flawlessly smart. All you have to do to get the most out of Scratch-dini is simply dab a tiny bit of the revolutionary formula and gently rub it on the scratch for a few moments. Within seconds you’ll be amazed to see how the scratch is removed and your car looks the same as it did before.

What is Carbopol

It’s a registered trademark for a family of polymers that are used as thickeners, suspending agents and stabilizers. These items from Noveon, Inc. (formerly B.F. Goodrich Co.) have several applications in the pharmaceutical industry, personal care products, household cleaners etc. High molecular weight acrylic acid chains that are often cross-linked form a majority of Carbopol Polymers that are available as powders or liquids.

What Will Scratch-dini NOT work on?

Scratch-dini is a compound that gets rid of scratches on car which is as common as the process of paint correction. But it cannot work on scratches that have taken place right through the clearcoat. Scratch-dini will not work on cars that don’t have clear coats. Manufacturers started using Clearcoats on car color in early 80’s, so if you own a car older than that, Scratch-dini won’t work for you. Scratchdini won’t work for “deep” scratches that go right through the primer or the metal.